Digital Ethiopia 2025

Digital Ethiopia is an initiative led by the Government of Ethiopia, to leverage digital opportunities and propel Ethiopia into an innovative, knowledge-based economy. Aligned with key national and international strategies, including the government’s Homegrown Economic Reform Agenda, Ten Year Development Plan, and the African Union Continental Digital Transformation Strategy; Digital Ethiopia sets out a vision for the journey Ethiopia must take to ensure all citizens are digitally empowered and the internet serves as a tool for building a flourishing Ethiopian society.

Bringing together government, private sector and development agency actors, Digital Ethiopia identifies the foundational cross sector initiatives necessary to unlock the country’s digital economy, as well as four strategic priority sectors which can leverage innovative and emerging technologies to spearhead Ethiopia’s Digital Transformation. Find at more on our website and follow us on Twitter @EthiopiaDigital

Ethiopian Digital Foundations Project

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, portal of Finance (MoF), has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Ethiopia Digital Foundation Project. Digital Foundations project is to be financed through a US$200 million equivalent IDA that will involve a range of stakeholders through five components having a leading implementing partner like the Ethiopian Communication Authority (ECA), Ethiopian Education and Research Network (EthERNet) and portal of Finance including the portal of Innovation and Technology (MInT) as main coordinating and beneficiary institution.

The project is intended to lay the building blocks to develop Ethiopia’s digital economy through support to the policy and regulatory environment, improving infrastructure and quality of broadband connectivity and support the digitalization of services, and promote digital entrepreneurship. The project development objective is “ to improve Ethiopia’s competitiveness in the digital age through increased inclusiveness and affordability of digital services and through digital job creation”. The project will be implemented in all regions of the country including the Federal, regional and woreda levels. The project benefits the public by creating new opportunities for digital transformation in Government and education and new opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship.